Worship In Person Again

Worship Transition

We long for the fellowship and nurture of worshiping together in the sanctuary, but many of us are vulnerable to the serious health risks of Covid-19. We all want things to return to normal again but in-person worship needs to be different in many ways for now, and requires special care from all of us.

To protect the health of each other and the community, the Session has adopted the following guidelines for gatherings.

When entering:
• Masks must always be worn in the building and outside when closer than 6 ft
       You will need to sign in and answer basic health questions. (Have you tested positive for Covid, do you have a fever, any symptoms of Covid, been exposed to anyone known to have Covid)
• Use hand sanitizer when entering the sanctuary

Worship preparation

Parking Instructions
There are many preparations and adjustments to return to worship in the sanctuary on Sunday Sept. 13th. Parking is one of them.

Enter through the door on the West side, by the office.

The door to the fellowship hall will be CLOSED on Sunday mornings.
So, the parking spots nearest the north doors are reserved for those who have a hard time walking. If you have trouble walking very far, please feel free to park nearer the doors.
If you have no trouble with mobility, please park in the north lot and walk around to the west doors. If you can, park in the back and leave the spaces closer for those who need them.
This is one simple way to live the love of Jesus and care for one another.
Thank you.

In worship:
   • Keep at least 6 ft of distance at all times (pews will be marked off).
   • No passing of the peace or physical contact of any kind with anyone outside your household.
   • No group singing. Singing forcefully moves the virus through the air. Instead, we will accompany the music with humming, clapping and sign language.
   • No offering plate passed. Offerings will be collected in a box at the back of the sanctuary.
   • Communion will be celebrated with special “no contact” sharing.
After worship:
   • Leave the building while maintaining 6ft distance for others.
       (stay in your pew until those behind you have cleared the aisle)
   • No coffee Mingle. (visiting can happen outside, with distance).
   • Only one person at a time in the bathroom (close the door to indicate occupied).
   • Your personal assistant may go in with you if needed.
   • Wash your hands after using the toilet
   • Sanitize each surface you touched before you leave.

THIS is how we will speak love to one another. We must put on the mind of Christ and not think more highly of ourselves than of each other. To that end, we ask that you pray for the safety and nurture of each person in the church, those who chose to attend in person, and those who do not.
Each person is encouraged to make the choice that is right for your situation and that is comfortable for you. Some will join in person. Others will stay home. As sisters and brothers in Christ, we must respect and protect each person. There can be no pressure applied or shaming for the choices each person makes.
Worship will continue to be offered through Zoom and online, for those who choose to stay home.
The Session takes it’s responsibility very seriously and will monitor the situation, in the congregation and in the community. There will be times in the future when adjustments are needed.

Please contact the church office, one of the Elders or Pastors if you have any questions or would like to talk or pray about any of this.