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Statement on Climate Change from the Presbyterian Church (USA)

The October 17, 2018, statement reads in part: "Presbyterians believe that all people are beloved by God and deserving of a healthy, bright future. We want for our children to breathe clean air and drink clean water. We do not desire for lives and churches to be consistently disrupted by natural disasters caused by climate change. What Presbyterians in North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, California, New Jersey, and Louisiana have experienced are helping us to realize that the time is now for bold action, and that we can all take steps in the right direction—becoming energy efficient, purchasing renewable energy, lowering our carbon footprint, and advocating for safe environmental policies at all levels of government." Click here to read full statement:

2017 Predictions of climate change in Oregon's future

Predicted changes in Oregon's climate and effects on temperatures (daytime and nighttime), rainfall, snowpack, and sea-level rise are included in a 2017 report from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Major environmental, economic and human well-being impact are likely as these effects grow due to increasing levels of global warming. A Key Message of the report is: "Projected increases in winter precipitation and decreases in summer precipitation will change the dry season availability of water, leading to challenges for water management. Both the frequency of wildfire occurrence and wildfire severity are projected to increase in Oregon." These impacts on God's Creation are due in large part to growing levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere from human use of fossil fuels (e.g., gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and coal). There is a strong need for all of us as Christians to honor and care for God's Creation by reducing our use of fossil fuels. Read the report here: